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September 7, 2008

Tatty Ratty.

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Irelynd loves books.
Once a week, I take Irelynd to the local library and we check out an enormous bag of books.
We will read each book at least fifty times before returning them the following week.
‘Tatty Ratty’ though, we’ve probably read at least a hundred times this week…no joke. Irelynd LOVES it. I have to admit, it’s one of my favorites also. An imaginative story with wonderful illustrations.
Just in case anyone is in need of a good book! :-)

Crowds and seals.

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We took the girls to ‘Seal Beach’ (La Jolla) this afternoon.
There were just a handful of seals sunbathing on the beach, and it was still quite crowded….so only Irelynd and I could get down close enough to really view the seals. We’ve been told that in the next couple of weeks the crowds will dissipate and more seals will return to ‘hang-out.’

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