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August 27, 2008

First day…

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…of preschool for Irelynd.
I am down and out for a while with a herniated disc in my back, so I wasn’t able to actually experience dropping off or picking Irelynd up from her first day…woe is me:-(
Jon, though, did a great job filling in, and he even took some embarrassing ‘first day of school’ pictures for me. And fortunately Irelynd was quite eager to “talk” all afternoon and evevning about her first day, so I really didn’t feel too out of the loop.
Irleynd really was so excited about her big day. I think school is going to be her “thing.” She loves it…especially snack-time :-)
Yes…that is a uniform on my three-year-old.
And yes….that is one of Irelynd’s teachers’, Ms. Lindsay. I think she looks too young to be a teacher, but I’m afraid it’s probably just me getting old!

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