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June 21, 2008


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Auntie Jen kindly reminded me that Haidyn’s vocabulary is, in fact, more broad than previously mentioned.  Haidyn can also say: hi, bye, and Jen (of course)! :-)

Haidyn update.

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Haidyn finally sprouted her first top tooth. Only three teeth at thirteen months? It doesn’t stop her from eating anything and everything. Some favorite “ummy” foods….raspberries, cheese, black beans, carrots and tofu…yes, tofu. :-)
She could walk if she wanted to walk. Instead, she still prefers speed crawling or mommy’s hip for transportation.
Very vocal (which has been apparent since birth)! :-)
The four words we can understand:
-owi (owen)
-obi (kobi)
-ummy (yummy)
Extremely determined…especially at trying to get her shoes on her feet!
Growing up way too fast.

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