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May 29, 2008

Great Nana.

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Tonight we had a delicious dinner prepared by Great Nana Anna :-)
Now it needs to be known that Great Nana is talented in many ways.  A great cook, incredible tennis player, and published writer (just to name a few).
But most impressive, is her painting talent.  She is an incredible artist who has painted some amazing pictures.
Great Papa gave Irelynd a tour of Nana’s art room, and let her pick out a painting to take home with us.  Now we just need Great Nana to come visit us so she can give Irelynd some painting lessons. :-)
Thanks, Great Nana and Papa, for the wonderful meal and a fun evening!!


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Irelynd had her first dentist visit today.  She did great!  I was actually completely shocked at how well she did!
Irelynd thought it was such an adventure….especially riding in the rocketship chair.
She got her teeth counted, cleaned, polished and flossed.
Such a big girl!

Nana, Papa, and Auntie Jen.

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Answered prayer.

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We received an offer on our house today.  Not exactly what we had hoped for, but the result of this offer is a major burden lifted off our shoulders….and that to us is nothing but priceless.

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