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May 24, 2008

Three years old.

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Hoping this won’t turn into another double post. I keep starting posts…then end up getting kicked off the internet. Quite embarassing.
Anyway…yesterday was Irleynd’s third birthday. It feels like we have been celebrating birthdays all month long. (Oh right, that’s what happens when four out of four family members have the same birthday month):-)
Cake+ice cream+presents=one happy birthday girl.

Goodbye Texas.

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We said our final farewell to Texas on Thursday.
The movers arrived first thing in the morning…they finished up and headed out by early afternoon.
The girls and I are now in Colorado. We had a fairly uneventful flight thanks to the help of my friend Wendy. She was such a HUGE help on the plane…could not have done it without her.
Jon left this morning to make the final drive out to Cali. Did I mention that today is his birthday?  Nothing like driving for eighteen hours on your birthday :-(  At least he has Kobi and Owen to keep him company!

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