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March 27, 2008

Oh my sweet, sweet girl.

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Tonight as I was putting Irelynd to bed, we started talking about her friend’s upcoming birthday party. Of course within a matter of seconds we were on the topic of birthday cake.
Irelynd:  “What kind of cake will be at the party?”
Me: “I don’t know sweetie.”
Irelynd: “Will it be an Einsteins cake?”
Me:  “I’m not sure”
Irelynd: “Will it be a Pooh cake?”
Me:  “I don’t know Irelynd.”
Irelynd:  “Will it be pink?”
Me: “Not sure.”
Irelynd: “Mommy?”
Me:  “Yes Irelynd.”
Irelynd: “For my birthday I want a pink cake with kidney beans!”
If you could have only heard the sincerity and excitement in her precious little voice….love, love, LOVE her!!


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