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March 16, 2008

The other Colorado.

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The girls and I had a lot of fun today hanging out at “the other Colorado.”  Great food, fun toys, and of course, lots of story time.

Locks of Love.

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I decided that going a year without a haircut was a little too long.
So after the girls were in bed, Jen and I headed out to get haircuts.
I’ve heard a lot about “Locks of Love,” and thought it would be fun to chop my hair and donate it to such a great organization.
After it was all said and done, I had somewhere between 12-14 inches chopped off.   What a great feeling!
Next year it will be Jen’s turn!

Operation blankie rescue

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This morning I took the girls up to Denver to see a friend of mine Carissa, and her little girl, Sera.  Carissa and I worked together while I was pregnant with Irelynd, and Carissa with Sera (they were born within a month of each other). During those nine months, Carissa and I formed many common bonds; swollen ankles, lunchtime naps, and devouring giant bowls of chocolate custard–to name a few.  So it was a lot of fun today to have the chance to catch up and reminisce about old times.
This trip, though, did involve a bit of blankie drama.   When we were halfway back down to C. Springs, Irelynd asked for her blankie.  I knew right away she had left it and we were in big trouble.  We were already thirty minutes into the hour drive home, so I didn’t want to turn around. I told Irelynd we would get it later.  Not the right thing to say to a little girl that is literally lost without her blankie…she was hysterical.  I got her back to N & P’s house and Nana convinced her to lay down for her nap with an “alternate” blankie.  It took some serious convincing, but she finally laid down and eventually fell asleep.   While she was napping I got a hold of trusty auntie Jen who ended up saving the day.  She picked up blankie and had it down to Irelynd just as she woke up from her nap.  Irelynd was stuck to Jen like glue for the rest of the day…her blankie savior!

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