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March 13, 2008

Camp Bow Wow.

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I have done something I swore I would never do….kennel my dogs. In all of Kobi’s nine years, and Owen’s six, they have never been kenneled. We have always figured out a way to avoid it…until now. I am out of town and Jon will be away for the next few days. We had several sweet friends offer to help; but with possible house showings and such, it would have been too complicated. So before I left, I scouted out some kennels and decided on Camp Bow Wow. I know, could the name be any cheesier? It’s not what I envisioned as the perfect place to leave my dogs, but it came highly recommended by our vet and what eventually sold me were the “camper cams.” I can watch what my dogs are doing 24 hours a day via the internet! Pretty funny.
Jon dropped them off this morning and so far Kobi has been laying down in the same spot, moping…and Owen just paces around the facility…occasionally going to check on Kobi.
I’m honestly not watching them constantly, but every time I check on them they’re doing the same thing. My poor boys. Hopefully they will forgive me when I get back. :-(

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