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March 12, 2008

Irelynd’s Colorado(s)

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According to Irelynd, there are two Colorados.  Nana and Papa Angelbeck are one Colorado, and Nana and Papa Lorenzen encompass her other Colorado.  She’s a little confused, but very in love with her Nanas and Papas (and Colorado).
Today Irelynd and Haidyn got to spend a little time with ALL of Colorado :-)  Play time with both sets of grandparents in one day…two spoiled and loved little girls for sure!

Kicked out.

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The girls and I are in Colorado for a couple weeks.  Jon couldn’t take my cleaning craziness anymore.  The last week-and-a-half I have been a cleaning maniac.  I have been driving everyone crazy; following them around making sure the house is spotless in case we have a showing.   I’ve decided that I’m much like Monica on “Friends.”  I’ve been heading that direction for quite awhile, but placing the house on the market has put me over the edge.  I can’t stop cleaning!!  Now I am rehabing at my parent’s house….what better place to NOT clean for a couple weeks?! :-)

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