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March 30, 2008

Nana, a.k.a. The Easter bunny.

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A few weeks ago when my mom was in town, we went to a friend’s house for an Easter party. It was a great party, but unfortunately the original “Easter Bunny” was not able to make it. So guess who volunteered?! Yes, Nana was the Easter bunny!! :-) She did a great job and all the kids loved her….except for her own granddaughter. Irelynd would have nothing to do with her; she was actually quite terrified!
I think nana is destined for a new career! :-)

March 27, 2008

Oh my sweet, sweet girl.

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Tonight as I was putting Irelynd to bed, we started talking about her friend’s upcoming birthday party. Of course within a matter of seconds we were on the topic of birthday cake.
Irelynd:  “What kind of cake will be at the party?”
Me: “I don’t know sweetie.”
Irelynd: “Will it be an Einsteins cake?”
Me:  “I’m not sure”
Irelynd: “Will it be a Pooh cake?”
Me:  “I don’t know Irelynd.”
Irelynd:  “Will it be pink?”
Me: “Not sure.”
Irelynd: “Mommy?”
Me:  “Yes Irelynd.”
Irelynd: “For my birthday I want a pink cake with kidney beans!”
If you could have only heard the sincerity and excitement in her precious little voice….love, love, LOVE her!!


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March 26, 2008

Zoo time.

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Irelynd, and her best little friend Ainslie, had a great time this morning at the zoo.

March 24, 2008

Back to reality.

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After a wonderfully refreshing weekend, we made it back home.  Thankful for a fairly uneventful plane ride.  Both girls did well. Irelynd was content as long as I kept pulling “surprises” out of my bag, and Haidyn was fine as long as she could pull everything out of the seat-back pocket, throw it on the floor, and have us pick it up (over and over again for the duration of the flight).
So here we are, back to our unsold house.  I’ve had a good two weeks to be a bum and let someone else do the cleaning; so as of this moment, I’m officially back in full “let’s get this house sold now” gear.:-)

March 23, 2008


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Saying good-bye (there were a few tears when Irelynd realized she wasn’t going with us to the mountains…I called five minutes after leaving, and papa reported that Irelynd had fully recovered after nana gave her a new book). At least for five minutes I felt irreplaceable :-)
Hitting the slopes
Obligatory couple pose :-)
“My legs are burning!”
Easter Sunday with Frieda.

March 21, 2008


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Jon and I managed to escape to the mountains for a few days. Irelynd is keeping Nana Angelbeck entertained, and Haidyn is doing a good job so far keeping Nana Lorenzen from getting any sleep.  Hopefully tonight will be better!
Very thankful for a chance to get away for a little while…miss my sweet girls, though :-(
Pictures soon…can’t seem to post them right now for some reason.

March 19, 2008

Just wouldn’t be a trip to Colorado…

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…without a visit to the pediatrician.  Once again….ear infections…both girls…UGH!!!

March 18, 2008


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Beautiful Colorado morning
A little bit of exercise
A tiny smile (this little-one isn’t feeling well :-(
Perfect Colorado evening.
We also got to spend some time this afternoon with a dear friend of mine, Resia. Unfortunately, Irelynd refused to talk the entire time she was here, and Haidyn was quite cranky due to her cold. I also forgot to take pictures. :-( Regardless, I greatly enjoyed our time together….thanks for taking the time to visit with us Resia!!

March 17, 2008

Lunch date.

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The girls and I had a wonderful lunch today with Nana and Aunt Deborah.  Cousin Wes even stopped by to say hi.  (I won’t say what Wes was skipping in order to meet us for lunch)!
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