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January 7, 2008

Eight months…one tooth

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Haidyn sprouted her first tooth today. I won’t go into the details on how I figured out this occurred (all you nursing moms will know what I’m talking about :-) She seems to be handling it like a champ–doesn’t really seem to be bothering her at all.
I took a million pictures trying to capture a smile with Haidyn’s new tooth showing. I wasn’t able to get one, but Irelynd made sure I got a picture of ALL of her teeth!

Grace like rain

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We came home Saturday evening after a long and tiring trip to find a cooler packed with milk, juice, bananas, and a homemade quiche. A dear friend had placed this on our doorstep knowing we would be home late, and that the last thing we would want to do in the morning was run to the store for breakfast essentials.
Our burden was again lifted last night as we enjoyed a home cooked meal with four amazing families. Great food and encouraging conversation, helped to wind down a hectic and crazy day.
God’s grace evident in my long and loyal friendships, and in those just blossoming….He
continues to shower this stubborn soul with undeserved grace and faithfulness.
Oh, may my eyes never fail to see what He has done, is doing, and will do! May my ears always be open to hear the beauty of grace that rains down on us all. (Mark 8:17-19)

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