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November 28, 2007

“I’ve waited this long for that?”

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Haidyn had her first food today… homemade, organic, brown rice cereal. Can you see the disappointment on her face?! :-)

Who would have thought?

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I have to start with saying “school pictures for a two-year-old!?”
So Irelynd had school pictures a couple weeks ago and I had no idea. I didn’t think a whole lot about it, but it did strike me as a bit odd the day I dropped Irelynd and her friend Ainslie off at school, and Ainslie had on a nice dress and a bow in her hair. In addition to that clue, I apparently missed a giant reminder sign on the front door, and a memo in Irelynd’s backpack. So when I was emailed the below proofs and then saw some of Irelynd’s friends proofs, I just had to laugh. Let’s just say the stocking was not meant to come up to her shoulders! Despite the lop-sided piggies, jeans, and t-shirt (not to mention a clueless mommy), I think they turned out pretty darn cute!

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