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November 3, 2007

5 miles, 6 years

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This morning, my wonderful husband (of six years today), woke up at the crack of dawn, loaded up the girls, and came to cheer me on for yet another race. The race today was The Wurst Run 5 Miler. Instead of wine and cheese; beer and bratwurst awaited us at the finish line. Irelynd had a great time hanging out with daddy and Haidyn while I was running. She got to feed ducks, watch the trains go by, and dance to some amusing polka music.
Pre-race hug
Irelynd made sure Haidyn had a front row seat for the big start
Feeding the ducks “Clifford Crunch.”
I have to say I was excited about running 5 miles under 35 minutes. Don’t know, though, if the feeling that you’re about to die at the end is worth it! :-)
Irelynd loved dancing to the “Oma and the Ooompah’s” music.
The girls are finally asleep, and we are now going to enjoy our anniversary dinner (no, Jon did not help me with the sushi…just the pb pie :-)

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