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October 7, 2007

The cavalry has arrived

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Nana and Papa Angelbeck arrived yesterday ready to help Jon take on the challenge of taking care of Irelynd and Haidyn during my upcoming trip (I’m a bridesmaid in Jen’s destination wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico).  Haidyn took a bottle tonight from my mom which is a HUGE step in the attempt to ease my anxious mind about leaving my kids for the first time.  Now the next challenge will be convincing me to get on the airplane Wednesday morning!

Train party

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Yesterday morning, Irelynd’s friend Jake had a special train party for his second birthday.  It took Irelynd a little while to warm up to the whole train ride thing, but once she figured out she could take some food with her on the ride, she was good to go.  Of course, though, the cake and ice cream was her favorite part.  First one to the cake table as usual!
Holding on for dear life
Much better in the caboose with friends
Even better with some popcorn
Jake, the cute little birthday boy
Patiently waiting for cake :-)

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