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September 24, 2007

Four months

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Haidyn had her four-month well check today. She took the shots like a champ…only screamed for the last one :-( I was, though, a little disappointed in Irelynd’s lack of sympathy for her crying sister. I asked her to comfort Haidyn and give her a hug; instead she tried to steal Haidyn’s Tweety Bird band-aids and put them on her “boo-boo.”
As far as Haidyn’s height and weight, she has slowed down when I compare her stats to Irelynd’s first year stats (not that I’m comparing them:-) Today she measured 26 inches (75%), and weighed in at 15lbs, 3 oz. (70%). Irelynd was always off the charts, so I guess Haidyn will be our “petite” one. :-)

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