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September 13, 2007

Oh Haidyn

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After sending Irelynd off to school this morning, I headed out with Haidyn to a function at our church. I dropped Haidyn off in the church nursery where there were close to ten other little babies, and five or so workers (including a sweet, brave, old man). I was in my meeting for maybe thirty minutes, when one of the nursery workers kneeled beside me and said “are you Haidyn’s mommy?” I followed her out into the lobby where she proceeded to tell me that Haidyn had been crying basically since I had left, and they had “exhausted all their options in trying to soothe her.” When I walked into the nursery, at least half the babies were crying; but the screaming was coming from no other than…yep, you guessed it, Haidyn Grace!  The sweet old man, bless his heart, was sitting in a rocking chair holding my screaming baby, patting her back (like that was going to help), and rocking like mad trying to get her to calm down. I took her from the poor, frazzled man; apologized profusely, and made a mad dash to the “nursing mommies room.” I knew it was a lost cause when Haidyn wouldn’t even calm down enough to eat. Frustrated and embarrassed that I couldn’t even get my own child to calm down, I ended up loading her in the car and heading home. Of course she fell right to sleep when I started driving, and when I got home and took her inside, she gave me the biggest smile as if to say, “I win again mommy!” Jon summed it up tonight in such a nice way, “she’s a brat Kari, she’s a brat!” Great.

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