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July 15, 2007


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Jon and I continue to be amazed and challenged by our little Haidyn Grace. Since Irelynd was such an easy baby and continues to be a fairly easy toddler, I was warned by many that our second was sure to “be a handful.” When I would receive those comments, I would just smile politely, and think to myself, “yeah right, she will be just like Irelynd” Ok, ok, so they were right, what can I say, Haidyn is nothing like Irelynd. The best word to describe her is “dramatic.” She can be smiling, cooing and laughing one second, and literally screaming the next. She is unbelievably aware of her surroundings, and lets us know she is aware when we have the nerve to leave her sight, if only for a second. Jon and I can’t remember Irelynd ever really giving us the time of day until she was at least five or six months old. Even then, as long as she was fed, she really didn’t care too much where she was or what was going on. The biggest difference between Haidyn and Irelynd is the crazy evening crying fits (or colic as I have been refusing to call it). The inconsolable crying starts typically around 7:00 p.m., and can last anywhere from thirty minutes (on a good night), to a couple of hours (on a bad night). Most nights, swaddling and the miracle swing aids our mission to calm her down, but some nights we have to call in the big guns. This involves swaddling her up tight, putting her in the Bjorn, turning on the vacuum, and adding a bounce to my step as I try desperately to vacuum away the screams. This method is a pain, but almost never fails to calm this little drama queen down enough to get her to sleep. Despite these trials, we love this little one, challenging or not!

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