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June 1, 2007

What will I do when everyone leaves?

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I have been so blessed to have so much help since Haidyn was born. My mom was a huge help when she was here, and Jon’s sister, Jody, was also a tremendous help. Right now I am extremely grateful to have Nana Lorenzen here to help out. Today we went to Sams Club with the girls. We almost were finished, when Haidyn let out her “I’m hungry, feed me” wail. I had to high-tail it to the car to feed Haidyn, while nana and Irelynd finished the shopping. After feeding Haidyn, I had to stop at another store to get a couple of things. I ran in and left nana with the girls in the car thinking Haidyn had just been fed and she should be fine…wrong! When I got back to the car, nana was holding a crying baby and reading a book to Irelynd at the same time. So after another baby feeding in a hot car, we headed home. The trip was exhausting, but possible, with two extra hands and a very willing heart. I wonder if we can convince her to stay another couple of months? :-)

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