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May 10, 2007

Haidyn Grace

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Sorry for the wait on the pictures. My visions of blogging in the hospital were shattered by the lack of internet connection in the rooms…I guess you can’t have it all!!
So as you know, this baby did not want to wait to be induced. She came VERY fast and unexpectedly. This is what I was about to post just hours before Haidyn was born:
“Had my last doctor visit this morning….everything looks great for inducing tomorrow morning (6 a.m.). Things have progressed significantly since last week, so that made me feel pretty good about going ahead with the induction. Most likely at this time tomorrow, we will be holding a brand new baby girl. What a crazy feeling”!!
I was waiting for Irelynd to wake up from her nap to publish the above post, so I could include a picture of her and I on my last day of pregnancy.
After writing that, I chatted with my cousin, Karl, for about thirty minutes or so and after hanging up with him, I realized something was not right. I called Jon and told him he may want to start thinking about heading home but I would call him back in 15 minutes. After realizing that I was probably having contractions, I called him back and told him he should probably come home. By the time he got home, my contractions were about four minutes apart. I called the doctor’s office to make sure we should come in, and after talking to the nurse (who told us to come in right away), we headed to the hospital. We arrived at labor and delivery at 5:00 p.m. They checked us in and I was examined by the nurse to see my progress. When she started laughing during the examination, I was certain she was going to tell me that I had not dilated enough and to come back later. Instead, she said that I was 9 cm. and 100% effaced. Needless to say the next hour was chaotic…nurses running around drawing blood, asking a million health questions, paging the doctor etc. and with the doctors arrival and three pushes…Haidyn Grace was born.
We are so blessed…and that is Haidyn’s birth story in a nutshell.

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