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April 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Gavin!!

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Sorry this is sideways!!

April 11, 2007

Thanks for visiting!

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We had some friends in town visiting from San Diego for the past few days.  I was a slacker about taking pictures, but we had a great time hanging out and spending time with this great couple and their kids.  Thanks for a fun time Jim, Stephanie, Christopher and Zani…come back and visit any time!

April 8, 2007

The baby room

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We put some finishing touches on the baby’s room this weekend.  Jon painted the room a very light pink color, and we hung some pictures and window valances.  In the picture, Irelynd is sitting on her “big girl bed” which we hope to transition into her room by early summer so the baby can have a normal crib.  For now, when the baby arrives, she will be sleeping in a co-sleeper/bassinet until Irelynd is ready to trade in her crib for her new bed.  Any advice on a smooth crib-to-bed transition would be greatly appreciated!

April 6, 2007

“Her mother’s daughter”

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Tomorrow is my friend, Dana’s birthday, so this afternoon we had a group of friends over to celebrate her b-day and have an early Easter dinner.  After dinner, the five of us women were in the kitchen cutting and passing out the birthday cake, when we overheard Jon tell Irelynd, “no sweetie, that is not your cake…only eat your cake please.”  Irelynd was sitting at the little kid table not only eating her cake, but also enjoying bites of cake off her friend’s plates.  We all busted up laughing, and of course the comment to follow was, “she (Irelynd) really is her mother’s daughter!”  Yeah, yeah, so we like our cake…what can I say?!!

April 4, 2007

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“As for me, I am in Your hands; do with me whatever You think is good and right.”
(Jer. 26:14)

April 3, 2007

Easter Party

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Irelynd and I went to a Easter Party today at a friend’s house. Irelynd got to dye her own easter eggs, frost and decorate her own cookie, and smash eggs filled with confetti. Fun times for a this little girl!!

Happy Birthday Aunt Jess

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