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March 24, 2007

Party time

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Today was Irelynd’s friend Alexa’s third birthday party.  It was a “princess tea” themed party, and all the little girls were supposed to dress up in floofy, frilly dress-up clothes.  When I went to put Irelynd in her outfit (borrowed from Alexa) she started crying.  First of all, Irelynd hardly ever cries; and second, this wasn’t just a little pouty cry, it was a heart-felt, lots of tears cry. Needless to say, we didn’t force the dress-up clothes and settled for a skirt instead (and I was one proud mama…I never liked playing “dress-up” either). :-)
Minus the clothes incident, Irelynd had a wonderful time at the party doing what she does best….eating, eating, and more eating!  Long after all the other kids had finished eating and had ran off to play, Irelynd remained at the table eating the day away.  Fun times.

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