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February 23, 2007

Nursemaid’s elbow

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It’s official: I am the winner of the “worst mother of the year award.” Spent the last two days taking Irelynd to and from the doctor for nursemaid’s elbow (dislocated elbow). She was fine one moment, and the next, crying and holding her arm to her side. Fortunately, my mom still has connections at the pediatric office where she worked as an RN, so we go her in right away to see the doctor. He diagnosed her with nursemaid’s elbow, popped her elbow back into place, and sent us home. This morning, it was dislocated again, so back we went to the doctor. They popped it back in again, and then sent her for x-rays. Fortunately, the x-ray came back negative for any fractures, so they put a pretty, pink splint on her arm, showed me how to pop it back into place for “the next time it happens,” and sent us home for a second time. Irelynd was such a trooper through this whole thing; she’s one tough little girl….and very proud of her “cast.” Still cannot figure out what made the original dislocation occur. How can a child dislocate her elbow and her mom not even know how it happened?  Way to go me.

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