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February 6, 2007

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“I long to worship Jesus with the heart of a child, in a state of pure and true adoration. Yet so many things of the world cloud my thoughts and pull on my heart until it’s no longer just a girl in the arms of the Father”
-Darlene Schacht-

Dreaded doctor visit

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I honestly dread going to the OB doctor during pregnancy.  It’s not that I don’t love the reassurance of hearing the baby’s heart beat and the doctor telling me everything looks good; my reason actually sounds quite stupid and shallow.  But honestly, I don’t say this in a vain manner, and I think most mothers understand.  I just hate stepping on that stupid doctor office scale.  It’s always a million pounds over what the home scale reads…how is that possible?  To make matters worse, today I got the weight gain lecture….”most women have gained this much at this point and you have gained this many pounds more”…thanks for the encouragement, doc!
No more chocolate cake for me :-(

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