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February 1, 2007

Mind boggling

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“In 1980 Africa had 6% share of world trade. By 2002 this had dropped to just 2% despite the fact that Africa has 12% of the world’s population. If Africa could regain just an additional 1% share of global trade, it would earn $70 billion more each year, several times more than what the region currently receives in effective international assistance.Poor countries cannot trade their way out of poverty without a level playing field. Right now, trade rules are so skewed that cows in Europe receive more a day in subsidies than half the population of Africa.”
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Why, chocolate, why?

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I had vowed with this pregnancy to keep my weight gain under control, by keeping my chocolate binges under control. I don’t think this Midnight Bliss Cake and frosting quite fits into my plan. Now I understand that any rational person would resist the temptation to make something that they know they will eat in its entirety.  My problem: kari + chocolate = irrationality.   Deborah, I know you’ll understand! :-)

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