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January 22, 2007


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We came home last night, after having dinner at our friends house, to find Kobi (who has never pooed or peed in the house in his life) had gone runny “number two” all over Irelynd’s room. He had been acting funny before we left, but I never would have guessed what was coming. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but Irelynd has a huge, super cute rug that takes up her entire room, and for some reason, that is where Kobi decided he would deposit his treasures. Why he chose this spot, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the flower border on the rug that made him feel like he was outside pooing in the flowers…who knows…all I could think of at that moment was what method I was going to use to kill my beloved dog! So after my meltdown moment had passed, Jon did the dirty work of cleaning up the poo, and I started the first of many steam cleaning attempts. Today, after three steam cleans and about fifty spot scrubs, the rug is almost back to it’s normal color. Most importantly, it’s back to it’s original odor…odorless. Oh yeah…and Kobi is still alive :-)

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