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December 26, 2006

Christmas, round two

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We had another great day with family….lots of good food and lots of presents for Irelynd.  The apron is too cute, Jody, and thank you to Nate and Jess for the great kitchen gear for Irelynd.  She is so spoiled by you all!!




Merry Christmas!!!

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We had a very full and exciting Christmas day.  Irelynd was thrilled with her stocking full of goodies at Nana and Papa Lorenzen’s house.  Next it was off to Nana and Papa Angelbeck’s house.  Irelynd had a great time playing with her cousin Michael, and giving kisses to baby Kristiana.  Then came the food, presents, and more food.   

Tomorrow brings even more fun as we will have Christmas #2 with Nana and Papa Lorenzen, Joanna and Taylor.  Irelynd will be thoroughly spoiled before this trip is over!! 







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