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December 16, 2006

Progressive Dinner

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This evening we enjoyed a progressive dinner with two other couples and their kids. We started at one house and had cocktails and appetizers. The next house was Paella and salad. And guess whose house hosted the dessert portion of the dinner?!! That’s a tough one, I know. Yes, our house had peanut butter balls, chocolate-mint bars and rum-cake; along with spiced cider and eggnog. Lot’s of full tummies tonight! The kids had a little gift exchange which proved to be very entertaining. Each kid, of course, wanted what the other kid received. Irelynd got a Doodle Pro (etch-a- sketch) which we are hoping will keep her occupied for at least one of the fourteen hours we will be driving on Wednesday!
(the gift exchange….everyone wanted the Carebear)
( Irelynd and Ainslie enjoying some tea)
(chaos in Irelynd’s room. Irleynd is trapped inside her little house)

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