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December 11, 2006

It’s a small, small world (ATTN: Great Nana/Papa)

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Jon and I were blessed to find a wonderful church pretty much right after we moved here (thank you, Jay, for the suggestion).  We just recently joined a sunday school class that is actually quite large, but we have broken down into small groups within this class.  Each small group has a “mentor” couple that leads the group. Our mentor couple is Jack and Jeanne Hogue. A couple Sundays ago, our mentor couple were talking to Jon and I, and after a few minutes, Jack said to Jonathan, “you’re not related to Anna and Loren Lorenzen, are you?”  Turns out, this couple used to be in a Bible study with Jon’s grandparents 25 or so years ago!  Yesterday, they brought in a couple of pictures they had taken from that time.  (Our scanner broke, so wejust took a picture of the pictures)!
Jeanne said that she still makes Anna’s sweet potato souffle every year for Thanksgiving!!

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