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December 10, 2006

“And the Award for Worst Parents Goes to…

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…Kari and Jon!”
Our church nursery puts a little sticker on the front of each childs diaper after they change them notifying the parents that the child was changed while in the nursery.
Tonight when we were taking Irelynd’s clothes off to give her a bath, we noticed that she had the nursery “seal” on her diaper.  Needless to say it was a full diaper, and we looked at each other in absolute bewilderment.  We both had assumed the other had changed her diaper throughout the day, when in fact, it had not been changed the entire day… since church!  OOPS!!!  She really is a very loved and cared for little girl….really!!!

Sad, Sad Day

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We had to finally put Texas plates on one of our cars today. It was a sad day for all…even Irelynd was not happy about it!
The Colorado plates expired in November, so we had no choice but to bite the bullet and change the plates. Fortunately, the car that we are driving to Colorado in a few weeks has plates that don’t expire until this month; so for the trip home, we can remain in good favor with our fellow Coloradans…that is until next year!!! For those of you that don’t understand the “stigma” surrounding Texans in Colorado…please disregard this blog! :-)
“Please don’t do it daddy, I don’t want to be a Texan!”

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