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December 21, 2006

We made it!

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I really could write a short story about the last 24 hours….instead, let’s just say we had a long, sleepless night, and a long day of driving and detours.  We arrived safely, though, and that’s all that counts.  


December 20, 2006


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We were making excellent time on our drive home until we learned that 1-25 is closed from the New Mexico border to the Wyoming border.  We are now stuck in a hotel room in Dahlhart, Texas.  We tried to get a hotel room closer to the New Mexico/Colorado border, but they were all booked.  We feel extremely fortunate, though, that we didn’t get stranded out in the middle of nowhere.

Praying for a fast moving storm, and a safe arrival tomorrow….

December 19, 2006

We’ll be home…

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….for Christmas. The massive blizzard moving directly in our path can’t stop this determined family from getting to Colorado by tomorrow evening! A few prayers, though, would be greatly appreciated! :-)

December 18, 2006

Early Christmas

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Yesterday, we had an early, little, family Christmas (we will be in Colorado, (HOORAY), for Christmas). Irelynd was very excited about her presents…her soccer ball was a big hit. She loves to say “kick it” over and over. I know she’s destined for the USA Women’s National Soccer Team :-) She was also thrilled with her new books (thank you so much, Jim and Joan)!!

December 17, 2006

Visit from Santa

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Apparently, Santa’s preferred method of transportation in “these parts” is a firetruck, not a sleigh.

December 16, 2006

Progressive Dinner

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This evening we enjoyed a progressive dinner with two other couples and their kids. We started at one house and had cocktails and appetizers. The next house was Paella and salad. And guess whose house hosted the dessert portion of the dinner?!! That’s a tough one, I know. Yes, our house had peanut butter balls, chocolate-mint bars and rum-cake; along with spiced cider and eggnog. Lot’s of full tummies tonight! The kids had a little gift exchange which proved to be very entertaining. Each kid, of course, wanted what the other kid received. Irelynd got a Doodle Pro (etch-a- sketch) which we are hoping will keep her occupied for at least one of the fourteen hours we will be driving on Wednesday!
(the gift exchange….everyone wanted the Carebear)
( Irelynd and Ainslie enjoying some tea)
(chaos in Irelynd’s room. Irleynd is trapped inside her little house)

December 15, 2006

How can….

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…the back of a head be so darn cute?! I just love the back view of Irelynd reading in her daddy’s lap. Just so cute!!

December 14, 2006

My hortsey

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A sweet friend of ours gave Irelynd a rocking horse that her children had outgrown. Irelynd loves it and calls it “my hortsey.”

December 13, 2006


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I truly love this time of year. I love the decorations, the food (Aunt Deborah’s mint-chocolate bars), the smells, the cold, snowy nights (wait, we don’t have those anymore)…it’s just a great time of year. What I don’t love, is how easily I forget what I really should be focusing on and celebrating.
I saw this poem on a website the other day…just thought it was a unique reminder of the true reason for the season.
T housands of years ago,
R evealed by prophets of the past,
U nder the dark and starry night,
E mmanuel was born at last.
C overed in His swaddling clothes,
H onor was given to the newborn King,
R epresenting peace and goodwill to all men,
I t’s because of Him that the angels did sing.
Sent by King Herod to find Him,
T hree wise men were led by a star,
M yrrh, gold and frankincense were given,
A s gifts from the men from afar.
S tanding in awe at the manger,
M agi worshipped and gave praise joyfully,
E ventually this child would grow older,
A nd give His life for you and for me.
N ow as we set apart a special day of the year,
I n remembrance for all who believe,
N ever forget why our Father did send Him,
G od’s gift is the greatest we’ll ever receive.

December 11, 2006

It’s a small, small world (ATTN: Great Nana/Papa)

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Jon and I were blessed to find a wonderful church pretty much right after we moved here (thank you, Jay, for the suggestion).  We just recently joined a sunday school class that is actually quite large, but we have broken down into small groups within this class.  Each small group has a “mentor” couple that leads the group. Our mentor couple is Jack and Jeanne Hogue. A couple Sundays ago, our mentor couple were talking to Jon and I, and after a few minutes, Jack said to Jonathan, “you’re not related to Anna and Loren Lorenzen, are you?”  Turns out, this couple used to be in a Bible study with Jon’s grandparents 25 or so years ago!  Yesterday, they brought in a couple of pictures they had taken from that time.  (Our scanner broke, so wejust took a picture of the pictures)!
Jeanne said that she still makes Anna’s sweet potato souffle every year for Thanksgiving!!
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