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October 3, 2006

Staying Busy

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We’ve had a busy week so far and it is only Tuesday! Yesterday we went to Gruene; a quaint German town about 20 minutes from us. We ate lunch at a restaurant on the river, and then walked around the town enjoying the cute shops and beautiful landscaping.

Today, the dogs were in dire need of a bath, so we loaded them in the car and went for a swim in the river (I gave them a real bath when we got home). Irelynd had a ball swimming in the river with her dogs and Grandma. Unfortunately, I accidently deleted the river pictures off my camera before I could download them….oops!

This week we also decided to go for broke and have a patio installed in the backyard. Much to the dismay of the patio company, we have appointed my dad to act as “foreman” on this project. If you want something done exactly the way it should be, my dad is the man to have around. He has also been ever so helpful with several indoor and outdoor projects we have him working on while he is here. Aren’t dads great?!

I can’t leave out Grandma. She has definitely been doing her fair share of work around here; changing poopy diapers, folding clothes, doing dishes, and most importantly…keeping Irelynd entertained!


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