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September 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home

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Irelynd and I are back in Colorado and so happy to be here. Irelynd was great on the plane. We could not have asked for a better flight; the plane wasn’t even half full so we had a lot of room to stretch out without worrying about bothering surrounding passengers.
Nana Lorenzen picked us up from the airport, and Irelynd was so excited to see her! We then met up with Papa, and Great Nana/Papa for lunch, and had a wondeful time catching up with one another. Thank you Great Papa for the yummy lunch! After lunch, Papa read Irelynd some stories and then it was time for another nap.
Next it was off to Nana and Papa Angelbeck’s house for dinner. They were thrilled to see Irelynd and could not believe how much she’s grown. It was nice to be back in the house I grew up in….it will always be home!
We are now back at Nana and Papa Lorenzen’s house and Irelynd crashed as soon as I put her down to sleep– I am soon to follow.  Did I mention it’s good to be home?! :-)


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