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September 7, 2006

“Kitchen Aide”

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Irelynd loves to “help” me out in the kitchen. Her favorite thing to do is stand by the dishwasher as I am loading it, and examine each utensil and dish to make sure they are loaded properly. She also is a big help putting dishes away (although most of them end up on the floor or in her mouth). She tries, and that’s all that counts. I sure hope this continues in the years to come!




My Daily Reminder

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EVIDENTLY, in order to be a manifestation of Christ we must be in some way like Him. He is a Christian who follows Christ, who measures all things by the standard of His approbation, who would not willingly say a word which he would not like to have Christ hear, nor do an act which he would not like to have Christ see. He is a Christian who tries to be the kind of neighbor Christ would be, and the kind of citizen Christ would be, and who asks himself in all the alternatives of his business life, and his social life, and his personal life, what would the Master do in this case? The best Christian is he who most reminds the people with whom he lives of the Lord Jesus Christ. He who never reminds anybody of the Lord Jesus Christ is not a Christian at all –GEORGE HODGES–
I read this in a devotional the other day; I can’t stop thinking about these words, and how far I truly am from living them out. I think I will post this on the steering wheel of my car!
Once again thankful I serve a gracious and forgiving God.

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