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August 25, 2006


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I always check on Irelynd before I go to bed…thought I’d take a picture tonight.


Sushi night

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Jon is up in Austin this weekend on a much deserved golf, and fantasy football trip. So after Irelynd had gone to bed…out came the sushi, chocolate-peanut butter balls, and a glass of red wine. I spread it all out on the coffee table, put my feet up, and watched one of my favorite movies. I enjoyed my little night alone so much, I will probably have to do it all over again tomorrow night! Doesn’t take much to please this girl!



The Story Tree

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I won’t lie and say there is a whole lot I like about living in Texas. But what I LOVE, is our massive backyard. In our previous houses we have had teeny-tiny backyards. Here we have almost a full acre. It is very peaceful and serene with many large oaks, cedars and other plants and shrubs. We have left it untouched becuase it is great for the dogs, and gives us a small sense of being back in Colorado (ok maybe that’s a stretch, but I’m trying to stay positive, so work with me here). :-)

So in our beautiful backyard lives “the story tree.” The story tree is a large, moss covered oak that grew parrallel to the ground for a time, creating a natural bench if you will. Not knowing the significance of this tree when we moved in, we fenced in our backyard, including this unique and beautiful tree. So about a month after we had moved in, Irelynd and I were in the car with the neighbors when Ethan asked, “Miss Kari, why did you take away our story tree?” If an adorable four-year old boy asking this question wasn’t already bad enough, his two-year old sister Alexa piped in asking, “yea Miss Kawi, where will we have stowie time now?” Apparently, before we moved in, and our house was still under construction, Ethan and his grandma would sit on this tree and read stories. Together, Ethan and his grandma dubbed this tree the “story tree.” Amy tried to make me feel better by whispering that Alexa “didn’t even know what the story tree was,” and Ethan had “only read stories there a couple of times with his grandma.” Nonetheless, I will forever feel like I have stolen a huge treasure from two small children. :-)


(our backyard & the story tree)


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