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August 21, 2006

Piano Lessons

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I took piano lessons from the age of eight to eighteen. I remember absolutely despising lessons from about the age of ten, until I was probably almost sixteen years old. My piano was in the basement of our house and I hated going down there to practice. It was freezing down there in the winter, and in the summer, there were always “way more important things” I could be doing with my time. But the worst part to me about taking piano, was going to lessons every week. In my mind, my teacher was a piano lesson nazi! I could never seem to play a piece the exact way she wanted it to be played, and every week she would tell me “you need to practice more!” I would come home begging, pleading, and literally crying at times, trying to convince my parents to let me quit. Fortunately they stood their ground, knowing I would one day appreciate the ablilty to play the piano. Yes, mom and dad…you were right about something! :-)

Now I look back at those years and am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn how to play such a beautiful instrument. I am definitely no Mozart, but I at least have the opportunity to pass my ability on to Irelynd. I pray she will not be stubborn like her mama, but instead, embrace this valuable skill at an early age.




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