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August 19, 2006

Bedtime reading

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I love my country

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I’ve got into a bad habit of staying up later and later every night. Most nights I’m on the computer, fiddling around, but last night I stayed up scouring the various news channels for something to watch. As usual, it was mostly sad and depressing reports on the many war-torn countries around the world. And as I watched the pictures of frightened children clinging to their despairing mothers, all I could think is how good I have it here in my country. This country’s freedom, safety, and opportunities are something I know I take for granted every day. Yes, our country has it’s issues and problems. There is never going to be a president, a party, or a government as a whole, that can please everyone. There will always be politicians igniting division among the already divided, and doubt in the already doubtful. This will never be a perfect place. But if only we could turn our focus away from the many wrongs of our country, to the multitude of rights….wouldn’t it be that much more great?!

Just a simple thought, from a simple mind :-)


(Disclaimer: I don’t support Eddie Vedder’s moral or political views…I just like his remake of this song) :-)

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