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August 15, 2006

Corn today…corn tomorrow

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Irelynd and I were sitting outside a little while ago enjoying the wonderful, (I’m trying to stay positive) Texas heat. Irelynd was playing in her pool and I was reading. We were about ready to go in, and as I reached down to pull her out of the pool, I noticed pieces of corn floating around. Then peas…and then…well, I won’t go into the details that followed. Let’s just say it involved some serious disinfecting. I guess my pediatrician was right when he told me, “there’s no point in feeding her corn, because it’s corn today….corn tomorrow!” Now aren’t you all happy I’m sharing this with you?!
No pictures for this post. :-)

See…she does cry!

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People always comment on what a great baby Irelynd is. Just the other day, a friend of mine said, “I’ve never seen her cry…does she ever even fuss?” Jon and I always joke that Irelynd knows when she is around other people she has to be on her best behavior. Don’t get me wrong, she truly is a wonderful baby, but she definitely can have her moments. For example, the other day, I was trying to get her to sit with the dogs to take a picture and she was getting so mad at me. She had other things she wanted to be doing and it was way past naptime, so I should have known that she was not going to have any part of my picture plan. I guess my “dogs with baby” photo session will have to wait for another day!
So Christy, here’s proof that Irelynd really does cry!


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