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August 9, 2006

Irelynd Fix

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My parent’s are leaving tomorrow to go overseas for a couple of weeks. Hopefully this will give them their Irelynd “fix” until they are able to access a computer again!
Have a safe and wonderful trip mom and dad :-)

Our Neighbors

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We first met Amy and Stephen, and their adorable children, Ethan and Alexa, before we even moved into our house. We knocked on their door early one Saturday morning back in May, in hopes of having some questions answered about the builder of our house. (The builder of our house also built their house, so their name was given to us as a reference). Not only did Amy answer our mile-long list of questions, she also graciously gave two complete strangers a full tour of her beautiful home. I knew then and there that if we got this house, we would not only have some wonderful neighbors, but great friends as well.

Now, three months later, it feels like we have known this family for years. They are some of the most generous and caring people we have ever met. From hand-me-downs for Irelynd, to delicous home-cooked meals, to expert gardening advice :-) ….we are completely spoiled!

So thank you Amy and Stephen, Ethan and Alexa…you have made this huge transition in our lives seem so much more painless.



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