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August 25, 2006

The Story Tree

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I won’t lie and say there is a whole lot I like about living in Texas. But what I LOVE, is our massive backyard. In our previous houses we have had teeny-tiny backyards. Here we have almost a full acre. It is very peaceful and serene with many large oaks, cedars and other plants and shrubs. We have left it untouched becuase it is great for the dogs, and gives us a small sense of being back in Colorado (ok maybe that’s a stretch, but I’m trying to stay positive, so work with me here). :-)

So in our beautiful backyard lives “the story tree.” The story tree is a large, moss covered oak that grew parrallel to the ground for a time, creating a natural bench if you will. Not knowing the significance of this tree when we moved in, we fenced in our backyard, including this unique and beautiful tree. So about a month after we had moved in, Irelynd and I were in the car with the neighbors when Ethan asked, “Miss Kari, why did you take away our story tree?” If an adorable four-year old boy asking this question wasn’t already bad enough, his two-year old sister Alexa piped in asking, “yea Miss Kawi, where will we have stowie time now?” Apparently, before we moved in, and our house was still under construction, Ethan and his grandma would sit on this tree and read stories. Together, Ethan and his grandma dubbed this tree the “story tree.” Amy tried to make me feel better by whispering that Alexa “didn’t even know what the story tree was,” and Ethan had “only read stories there a couple of times with his grandma.” Nonetheless, I will forever feel like I have stolen a huge treasure from two small children. :-)


(our backyard & the story tree)


August 24, 2006

More first words

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I know all you “repeat” mothers out there are laughing right now, but I don’t want to forget these wonderful and humorous days of Irelynd’s first words. So here are a few more I’m adding to the list. :-)
21. Pee pee (pizza)

22. Tee (teeth)

23. E (our neighbor Ethan)

24. Boc (brocolli)

25. Iwadown (I want down)

August 23, 2006

Don’t worry Nana…

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…I didn’t have that bad of a day! :-)


Blah day

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Irelynd bumped her head on the coffee table this morning resulting in a small goose-egg on the back of her head and random episodes of tears throughout the day. Thankful these days are few and far between.


August 22, 2006

A Smile and a Song

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Irelynd waking up from her afternoon nap…yes, she wakes up smiling!
This song has no relation to the picture…just a catchy new song I heard.

Poetry in Scripture

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If we have any taste for poetry we shall enjoy this feature of the Psalms. Even those Christians who cannot enjoy it will respect it; for Our Lord, soaked in the poetic tradition of His country, delighted to use it. “For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again” (Matthew 7, 2). The second half of the verse makes no logical addition; it echoes, with variation, the first, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you” (7,7). The advice is given in the first phrase, then twice repeated with different images. We may, if we like, see in this an exclusively practical and didactic purpose; by giving to truths which are infinitely worth remembering this rhythmic and incantatory expression, He made them almost impossible to forget. I like to suspect more. It seems to me appropriate, almost inevitable, that when that great Imagination which in the beginning, for Its own delight and for the delight of men and angels and (in their proper mode) of beasts, had invented and formed the whole world of Nature, submitted to express Itself in human speech, that speech should sometimes be poetry. For poetry too is a little incarnation, giving body to what had been before invisible and inaudible.
~C.S. Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms, (1958)~

I have been rereading through Reflections of the Psalms. I love Lewis’ insight into the Psalms and the Scriptures as a whole.
Call me crazy, but the last sentence of this excerpt always gives me chills!

August 21, 2006

Piano Lessons

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I took piano lessons from the age of eight to eighteen. I remember absolutely despising lessons from about the age of ten, until I was probably almost sixteen years old. My piano was in the basement of our house and I hated going down there to practice. It was freezing down there in the winter, and in the summer, there were always “way more important things” I could be doing with my time. But the worst part to me about taking piano, was going to lessons every week. In my mind, my teacher was a piano lesson nazi! I could never seem to play a piece the exact way she wanted it to be played, and every week she would tell me “you need to practice more!” I would come home begging, pleading, and literally crying at times, trying to convince my parents to let me quit. Fortunately they stood their ground, knowing I would one day appreciate the ablilty to play the piano. Yes, mom and dad…you were right about something! :-)

Now I look back at those years and am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to learn how to play such a beautiful instrument. I am definitely no Mozart, but I at least have the opportunity to pass my ability on to Irelynd. I pray she will not be stubborn like her mama, but instead, embrace this valuable skill at an early age.




August 20, 2006

These are the days

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I love how every day is something new with Irelynd. I know every parent feels this way, and I know that it is inevitable, but I never want to forget a single moment that I spend with her. Just in the past few weeks, Irelynd’s vocabulary has gone from two or so words, to almost twenty. So for the sake of posterity, here’s a list of Irelynd’s words to date:

1. Dada (she calls quite a few things “dada” but she definitely calls her daddy dada)!

2. No (she answers with “no” for everything you ask her)

3. Go (when she wants out of her crib, highchair, carseat, etc.)

4. Goggies (dogs)

5. Cow (she actually says this very clear)
6. Nana (banana)

7. Dipoo (diaper)

8. Baby (she also says this very clear)

9. Meo (milk)

10. Pee-boo (peek-a-boo)

11. Byebow (Bible)

12. Buh (book)

13. Peh (peach)

14. Ca-ka (kracker/cookie)

15. Ba (bath)

16. Uh-oh

17. Ki (kitty)

18. Kees (keys)

19. Bubboo (bubbles)

20. Bye

Notice anything missing? Most kids say mama as their first word…not Irelynd. She just yells really loud at me…that is her version of mama. :-)


August 19, 2006

Bedtime reading

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I love my country

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I’ve got into a bad habit of staying up later and later every night. Most nights I’m on the computer, fiddling around, but last night I stayed up scouring the various news channels for something to watch. As usual, it was mostly sad and depressing reports on the many war-torn countries around the world. And as I watched the pictures of frightened children clinging to their despairing mothers, all I could think is how good I have it here in my country. This country’s freedom, safety, and opportunities are something I know I take for granted every day. Yes, our country has it’s issues and problems. There is never going to be a president, a party, or a government as a whole, that can please everyone. There will always be politicians igniting division among the already divided, and doubt in the already doubtful. This will never be a perfect place. But if only we could turn our focus away from the many wrongs of our country, to the multitude of rights….wouldn’t it be that much more great?!

Just a simple thought, from a simple mind :-)


(Disclaimer: I don’t support Eddie Vedder’s moral or political views…I just like his remake of this song) :-)

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